Hop Drills (Bull Rush) w/ Resistance Bands

Brace+Hop for Bridge & Pillar

The “Brace+Hop” drill trains players to uncoil their hips to drive their hands. A partner will apply pressure backwards forcing the player to brace+hop and uncoil their hips.

“Hop” from Refit Drill

The “Hop From Refit” is an effective counter to a Bull Rush. Players develop the muscle response to counter pressure backwards by implementing the hop

Partner “Hop” Drill (No Hands)

The “Partner Hop” Drill reinforces the mechanics of the “Brace Hop” by being forced to only use the lower body to stop the oncoming pressure

“Over the Line” Drill (Hop)

The “Over the Line” drill is the first drill in the “Brace Hop” progression. This drill teaches players how short the hop backwards should be by giving them a visible point of reference

Brace-Hop: Leverage Recovery

The “Brace+Hop” is a pressure response to a player being pushed backwards. By taking a small hop backwards and landing on the insteps, the player is able to redirect opposing force vertically by uncoiling the hips. This is another great leverage recovery drill that should be drilled often.