“King of the Ring”: Leverage Competition

“King of the Ring”: Leverage Competition

“King of the Ring” is our leverage competition drill. It allows players to apply a number of Tip of the Spear concepts and techniques in a competitive pass or fail environment. The key to winning is being able to execute the techniques and skill learned throughout the C.U.F.F. progression.

Refit Drill: Leverage Recovery

The “Refit Drill” develops and reinforces muscle memory to regain control of an opponent when the player’s hand are not in an ideal location. This drill should be done as much as possible in order to create a habitual pattern.  

Brace-Hop: Leverage Recovery

The “Brace+Hop” is a pressure response to a player being pushed backwards. By taking a small hop backwards and landing on the insteps, the player is able to redirect opposing force vertically by uncoiling the hips. This is another great leverage recovery drill that should be drilled often.