Lev-Cuff: Rolling Meatballs

“C.U.F.F.” Progressions

C.U.F.F. is our skill development model for developing contact skills. C.U.F.F. stands for Coil, Uncoil, Fit and Finish.  

Rolling Meatballs

“Rolling Meatballs” is a great warmup Shape Drill that reinforces the Coil posture while training the body to execute independent tasks with the upper and lower body  

Iron Core

“Iron Core” is a Shape Drill that reinforces the Coil posture under timed tension. Players must learn to resist lateral pressure without compromising the structure of the coil posture.  

Come to Balance Posture

One of the most underdeveloped skills in football is body control in space. Come to Balance trains players how to quickly transition from a running posture back down to the coil posture and ready for contact.  

3 Point Coil Stance

Playing on the Offensive and Defensive Line often requires starting from a 3 point stance. This video details the process to go from a 2 point Coil down to a 3 point stance.  

2 Point Coil Stance

The 2 point coil stance is the starting point for nearly every concept Tip of the Spear teaches. Players must first learn how to develop the pre-contact posture before advancing.  

Long Jump

The “Long Jump” is a Shape drill that emphasizes the importance of using the hips for power. Distance of the “Long Jump” is created by exploding and uncoiling the hips.