Backside “Slingshot” Cutoff

Backside “Slingshot” Cutoff

An alternative backside cutoff technique for outside/perimeter runs to use against an aggressive penetrating DL.

Backside Cutoff – “Skip Cutoff”

The backside cutoff can be one of the most challenging blocks in football. The “Skip Cutoff” is an alternative cutoff technique that allows players to be more square upon contact, leading to more consistent cutoff blocks.

Base Block Drills vs. NFL Players (No Helmet)

Tip of the Spear founder, Scott Peters, details the steps of a base block on the line of scrimmage.

Level 1 Contact (Fits)

Tip of the Spear teaches three distinct fits for 1 on 1 contact on the line of scrimmage and in space. This video overviews the Bridge, Pillar and Buckle fits.  

Bridge Series: Base Blocks on the Line of Scrimmage

The Bridge Series: Blocking in Space contains a variety of drills to develop the Bridge Fit (previously called “Double Under”) for 1 on 1 base blocks on the line of scrimmage. Double Under Coil to Fit   Brace to Fit (Double Under)   Double Under Fit to Uncoil