Coil to Fit: Kick-Out Blocks

Coil to Fit: Kick-Out Blocks

This Sharpen drill develops the proper posture, mechanics and timing of the 90˚ Brace Foot and Buckle Shoulder fit. After developing these skills, advance to the CTB to Fit progression.

Fit to Finish: Kick-Out Blocks

Fit to Finish, or sometimes referred to as “Brace + Squeeze”, starts the player engaged in contact using the Buckle Fit. Players learn how to use the opposite foot to create a 90˚ Brace Foot where power from the ground and hips will be directed from. After gaining confidence in this drill, advance to the… Continue reading Fit to Finish: Kick-Out Blocks

Buckle Series: High Speed Collisions

The Buckle Series overviews high speed contact applications using the shoulder. Applications include blocking and defeating lead blocks, pulls and kick outs as well as shoulder tackling. C to B FREEZE   SHOULDER FIT TO UNCOIL   SHOULDER FITS OVERVIEW