Escape Drill

Escape Drill

The “Escape Drill” teaches players how to utilize the “Cross-Bar” to disengage from a blocker by effectively breaking down the integrity of the blocker’s play side arm to create separation and control the play side gap. Director of Training, Mike Pollak, walks through two variations of this drill. First, with a partner in a pregame… Continue reading Escape Drill

Backside “Slingshot” Cutoff

An alternative backside cutoff technique for outside/perimeter runs to use against an aggressive penetrating DL.

Backside Cutoff – “Skip Cutoff”

The backside cutoff can be one of the most challenging blocks in football. The “Skip Cutoff” is an alternative cutoff technique that allows players to be more square upon contact, leading to more consistent cutoff blocks.

“Logging” the “Wrong-Arm” on Kick-Out Blocks

The technique highlights how to take on the “Wrong-Arm” by a defender on kick out blocks.

The “Clog” Finishing Stalemates

The “Clog” is a finishing technique used to reposition the hand and elbow inside the frame of the body in order to tap in to the full power of the hips. Great for regaining control in stalemate situations.