“Logging” the “Wrong-Arm” on Kick-Out Blocks

“Logging” the “Wrong-Arm” on Kick-Out Blocks

The technique highlights how to take on the “Wrong-Arm” by a defender on kick out blocks.

The “Clog” Finishing Stalemates

The “Clog” is a finishing technique used to reposition the hand and elbow inside the frame of the body in order to tap in to the full power of the hips. Great for regaining control in stalemate situations.

Pop Step Drills for Base Blocks

This video highlights the importance of the placement of the inside foot, or “Pop Step”, in relation to playing in a position of strength.

Brace Step Drills for Base Blocks

The “Brace Step” is the first step taken when executing a Base Block. The “Brace Step” should align the offensive lineman on a square path to the inside ear of the defender.

Center Blocking Back

This video breaks down the Center Back Block step by step, from different alignments by the defender and the different operations of each hand.  

Down Blocks: Guards, Tackles, Tight Ends

This video covers the mechanics and techniques of Down Blocks in Gap Scheme Runs.  

Jim McNally “C.O.O.L. Clinic” 2017 – Run Game Techniques

Legendary NFL OL Coach, Jim McNally, presents Run Game Techniques at the 2017 C.O.O.L. Clinic.