Pillar Timing Drill (Pass Pro Strikes)

Finger Mirror Drill

This drill helps players focus their eyes on a singular point of reference. Training in this manner will reduce the amount players are thrown off by head shakes

Focus Mitts Intro: Pillar (Long Strikes)

When shoulder pads are unavailable, focus mitts are a great tool to train Pillar Strikes in Pass Pro. This progression helps develop and train independent hand strikes

Focus Mitts: Target Training

After developing the basics of striking the focus mitts, players can advance to Target Training. This drill teaches strike discipline by only striking the mitt with the hand to the side of the focus mitt. Target Training helps develop the confidence to not strike long across the body

“Catch the Fly” Drill

“Catch the Fly” Drill is a hand strike timing drill that emphasizes players striking long and grabbing the shoulder pad at the moment of impact

“Catch the Fly” Drill

Tip of the Spear founder, Scott Peters, discusses the “Catch the Fly” drill

Pass Pro Striking Postures & Progressions

This video covers various aspects of posture and progressions of using independent hand strikes in pass protection