“Shadow Boxing” Drill

Knock-Down Drill Pass Pro

The Knock-Down Drill helps players understand the importance of pass setting with the hips under your body. This drill gives instant feedback for players caught leaning

Foot Fire Kick & Post

Similar to the “Rolling Meatballs” drills, the “Foot Fire Kick & Post” trains players to utilize foot fire throughout the pass set while staying grounded through the insteps of the feet

Foot Fire Kick-Slide w/ Tension

Adding a resistance band to the “Foot Fire Kick & Post” Drill reinforces players to bring their hips under their body throughout the pass set

Finger Mirror Drill

This drill helps players focus their eyes on a singular point of reference. Training in this manner will reduce the amount players are thrown off by head shakes

“Catch the Fly” Drill

“Catch the Fly” Drill is a hand strike timing drill that emphasizes players striking long and grabbing the shoulder pad at the moment of impact

“Catch the Fly” Drill

Tip of the Spear founder, Scott Peters, discusses the “Catch the Fly” drill