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Our training system is designed in 3 Levels. Starting with the foundation of the Contact Drills. Then the Advanced Leverage Library and then the most elite techniques offered anywhere delivered by former NFL players who love and understand the game of football. Tip of the Spear’s revolutionary training techniques were originally only available through camps and clinics, but now you can learn these same ground-breaking training techniques through our Performance Training System. Use them together with our live in-person services of student camps and coaches clinics, or just by themselves to improve your game as a student or coach. Get all the benefits of our many years of professional expertise right where you are, any time you want.

Contact Drills Library

This Library features Drills designed to develop a players skills for contact in one on one situations for Run Blocking, Defeating Blocks & Tackling. Our Contact Drills can be implemented anytime throughout the year; in-season practices, in the weight room, during off-off-season conditioning activities, or in a players living room at home. We learn & advance skills by repeating perfect movement patterns over time. The Contact Drills Library offers Players a chance to Shape, Sharpen & Polish their Tip of the Spear Contact Skills to advance performance & improve Safety Through Superior Technique.

Advanced Leverage Library

Includes all of the Contact Drills Library +
The Advanced Leverage Library offers Offensive & Defensive Line Instruction & Drills with a Run-Game Emphasis. Watch the techniques to Dominate the Line of Scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Our O-Line videos include Scheme & Position Specific Instructional Content & Drills Teach, Train & Develop Base Blocks, Down Blocks, Reach Blocks, Blocks in Space, Combination Blocks & more. Our D-Line content teaches you Foundational Skills, along with some Leverage hacks to DEFEAT 1 on 1 Blocks & Combination Blocks with Optimal Power & Control, regardless of the size or strength of opponents.

Tip of the Spear Library

Includes all Contact Drills Library +
Advanced Leverage Library +
Our most advanced training techniques and hours of advanced NFL training. The Tip of the Spear Video Library includes the MOST Innovative, Advanced & Effective Techniques used by the NFL’s top Offensive & Defensive Linemen. Our content featured in this Library includes the VERY SAME Techniques we teach to NFL & College Coaches & Players.

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  • Year-Round Skill Development 
  • Leverage Principles
  • In-Season Drills
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  • Blocking & Defeating Blocks
  • ALL Positions
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  • Position Specific Techniques 
  • All Contact Drills PLUS
  • Run Game Techniques by Scheme
  • Defensive Line Defeating Blocks
  • Offensive Line Run Blocking
  • Ongoing Content Additions
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  • NFL Elite (The FULL Monty) 
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  • Pass Protection System (OL)
  • Elite Pass Rush (DL)
  • Used by NFL’s TOP Teams
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