Holiday Training Bundle

Holiday Training Bundle



Contact Certification 

  • Learn how Tip of the Spear is revolutionizing contact skills in this 90 minute certification course.
  • The “Principles of Contact” course covers ALL aspects of contact (Blocking, Defeating Blocks, Tackling & Tackle Avoidance) as well as Sports Performance and Risk Management Topics.

Leverage Cuff® 

  • Taking the “head out” of contact by using the hands is simple, but ask any coach and he will tell you its definitely NOT EASY.
  • The Lev Cuff is a shortcut to safety & improved performance because it helps players learn TOS techniques fast, putting players in optimal position to generate maximum force through the hands.

Tip of the Spear Video Library Subscription

  • The final piece to this training bundle is a year subscription to the Tip of the Spear Video Library.
  • This video library contains our entire catalog of clinic, drill and technique videos.
  • Watch position specific drill videos and clinics featuring NFL teams, new videos added each month.
  • This subscription will auto-renew annually until cancelled by the customer. See terms & conditions during checkout for more information.