• Coaches Clinics are offered to coaches at the Youth, High School and Collegiate Level

  • Clinics are conducted onsite at the team/organizations practice facility (unless otherwise specified by organizer)

  • Tip of the Spear currently offers a 3 level progressive curriculum for coaches clinics. Advanced programs are available upon completion

  • Level 1: “Principles of Contact”

    • Techniques & supporting drills to optimally block, engage blocks, and tackle opponents using the hands & shoulders, not the head.
  • Level 2: “Contact by Position”

    • Application for contact to execute position specific objectives without the helmet.
  • Level 3: “Situational Contact”

    • Techniques & supporting drills to execute position & unit specific objectives (by scheme) without the helmet.


How long are Clinics?
Clinics run 3 hours from start to finish

What does the Clinic include?
Classroom presentation
A course introduction, featuring video of the NFL’s best players dominating with Tip of the Spear techniques

  • Instructor introduction & Coaches Workbook handout
  • Clinic overview & curriculum briefing
  • Video Presentation
  • “B.L.A.S.T. Leverage Principles” Video
  • Tip of the Spear Techniques in the NFL

Interactive instruction
Hands-on demonstrations with Tip of the Spear Instructors and Coaches

  • Instruction of Techniques & Progressions
  • C.U.F.F. Skill Development Program (Drills)

Practice Plan Optimization
Coaches learn strategies & approaches to maximize Tip of the Spear skill development for their players during team activities both in the off-season and in-season.

  • Shape, Sharpen, Polish (Skill Development Integration)
  • Dangerous Drills & Alternatives
  • Coaches learn to identify & eliminate “high risk drills” that do not correspond to realistic scenarios occurring in game play, along with alternative drills to achieve position or scheme specific objectives.
  • S.P.P.A.A.T. Self Coaching Tool
  • Perhaps the best tool for both players & coaches to expedite skill development in the interest of improving safety AND performance. Players who know the detailed steps of each Tip of the Spear progression for contact can use this tool to identify the cause of a technique breakdown on their own & correct it without the help of the coach.

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